HSBC Bank Account for Non Resident [Step 3]

A US based address is required for opening HSBC bank account. So read more about it before go to the next step. We are also posted resource about US address, you can see on the right side.

STEP 3: A US based mailing address
Even when the bank will agree to open a US based account for a non-US resident, they will ask for a US based address to send your mails.

They normally open the Premier account when you don’t have a US based address. The solution is to hire a mailing address and use that to ask for the free account. You need to set that address for the mails in the form W8-BEN you will need to fill.

You will also need an utility bill to certify the address. Now, as you will not be able to get that utility bills with the mailing address service they will sent the documentation of the account to your local address (except the online banking password, more on that later)

Remember to check our resource about US Address.

Steps to open HSBC account:
The process in simple words
Choose account type
A US based mailing address
Local references
Set up your online banking service
Always tell the truth