HSBC Bank Account for Non Resident [Step 5]

You can fell happy now, your account is there. Let setup you’re online banking service with HSBC.

STEP 5: Set Up Your Online Banking Service
A very special task is to get the online banking access. The normal process asks for a SSN. What you need to do is call the bank and ask for a “Temporary ID Registration”

They will send it by email along with a special link for you to create a username for your online banking service.

You will also need a password that the bank will send via regular mail. The problem is that they will only send this to a US based address. So you will need to use the forwarding mail service. Be sure not to use a P.O. Box as this is not accepted for the bank.

Now this needs special attention: When you give the address be sure to ask them to read it for you for confirmation. Sometimes their systems don’t get the forwarding mail addresses correctly. If this is the case ask them to put the address in the “attention” field.

Now, this mail can take some time. Two weeks or more. The best is to be patient. You can call the bank after a few weeks to check that the mail has been sent.

Very Important!
Remember, this process is not a “standard service” so there could be problems. If this happen the best is to contact them to see what can be done.

Steps to open HSBC account:
The process in simple words
Choose account type
A US based mailing address
Local references
Set up your online banking service
Always tell the truth