HSBC Bank Account for Non Resident [Step 1]

HSBC is one of the most popular bank in the world, open an account here is possible. Follow these steps to get your own account. Step 1 will tell you about the process.

STEP 1: The Process in simple words
Next you will find guidelines on how to get a bank account in HSCB. The success depends a lot on how you are qualified by the bank and it is not guaranteed.

This is not a fast process and can take one or two months to complete depending on your actions.

You need to speak English very fluently as you will need to have direct contact with the bank by phone.

First you need to contact HSCB offices to their phone 1-800-975-HSCB (4722) or 1-888-404-4050

You need to ask for the bank account you need and they will send you the forms by email. You print them, fill them and send them by normal mail. They will review it and, if everything is alright, they will open the account.

If you need help filling the forms you can contact 1-716-841-7542

On the mail you will get some letters. First the welcome letter with the account number. Then you will get two more. One with the details for phone banking and other with the debit card. Later on you will get a final one with the debit card password.

Key Information you need to know.

Steps to open HSBC account:
The process in simple words
Choose account type
A US based mailing address
Local references
Set up your online banking service
Always tell the truth