Starting Your Own SEO Business

Thinking about your own SEO business, or perhaps are already established and want your business to the next level and really ramp to make their income?

Then great! Then you’re absolutely right.

These SEO Start Kit is the result of years of experience and effort, for professionals like you who start a business as an SEO for the first time or improve your existing business with proven strategies, contracts, agreements, forms, templates, documents are created, and no feeling for the “how” of complete step by step guide companies.

Hello, my name is John Roberts, Internet-marketing experience, a freelance web developer and SEO consultant full time. How many SEO consultants when it starts, was my education, especially in programming and web design. I have websites for small and medium businesses, places designed $ 1,500 to $ 20,000 and above.

A full-time independent developer of the web, SEO was my knowledge is limited, but I had a lot more if I moved away from web design, and focuses exclusively on the field of search engine optimization. And again I have been asked by clients, SEO lead anyway, so I decided my attention on what is now a much more lucrative income has spent – my own SEO business!