Apple Brings iCloud Beta

Apple iCloud Beta

If you're a Mac user, and if you have been long waiting for Apple's cloud-based services, your waiting period has finally come to an end. Apple launched its cloud-based services, called iCloud, in beta version.

All users with an Apple ID can now access iCloud Beta by visiting Just like Google's web-based productivity suite, iCloud has web version of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find my iPhone and obviously iWork. iCloud is also an online music streaming service apart from being a web-based productivity suite.

In order to store Music online, from where you can stream anytime later, you will have to purchase space in iCloud. The first 5 GB is totally free of cost. Add 10 GB more and you'll have to pay $20. Also, $40 for 20 GB and $100 for 50 GB of additional space for storing music on iCloud.