Next Generation iPhone in October

Rumors about iPhone are endless. But the latest rumor about iPhone's next edition coming this September has been proved wrong by an undisclosed source.  According to All Things D, a believable source close to the matter said that the next generation of iPhone will not be displayed anytime in this September.

When asked about a hard launch date, the source only said the next iPhone will be out this October where other 'sources' said that it would be late October when iPhone arrives in the market.

The source also said that AT&T may have canceled all employee vacation since past two weeks but it's not for an iPhone launch this September. Whenever the gadget is out, it will be in October.

If you're one of those iPhone fans that are waiting with cash to get an iPhone 5, or 4G, or whatever it takes to be the next generation of iPhone, start counting down now. October is barely two months away!