Teachers Can No Longer Friend Students on Facebook

If you are a teacher, and you want to add your students in Facebook as friends, there's a bad news for you. You cannot. Apparently, you can do so because Facebook won't prevent you. But if you're living in Missouri, then the law will prevent you from doing so.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed Senate Bill 54 last week which prevents teachers from friending their students on social networking platforms mainly Facebook. The law is effective from August 28. According to TIME, Missouri is the first to take such measures. The act is officially called Amy Hestir Student Protection Act. The name of the act was chosen after a woman who was assaulted by a high school teacher.

However, teachers can lawfully create their fan pages on Facebook and invite students to be a fan, or "Like" them on Facebook. This way, students will still be able to get updates and contact with the teacher but may not make personal or private interaction (as you cannot chat or message the people who like your page).

What do you think of this new measures? Do you think it's good to prevent teacher-student from being friends on social networking platforms?