Twitter Finally Getting Rid of Old Design

Twitter Finally Getting Rid of Old Design

To embrace the new, old must be gone. Twitter has officially announced that the redesigned is ready for a full release. With that, the old design of twitter will be permanently shut down. In September 2010, the then CEO of Twitter Evan Williams first announced the redesigned version of twitter called "New Twitter."

Users were given the choice to either upgrade to the new twitter or stick to the old version. But soon all users will be upgraded to the new version as the old design will be shut down permanently.

Although the old Twitter looked kind of neat and clean, the new one comes with added functionality and works more like an application. In the new interface, you will not need to leave just to see a picture or video embedded in a tweet. All the media files embedded in a tweet are viewable right inside Not only that, you will not have to open a separate tab just to see someone's profile. Whenever you click a tweeter's username, a slider will appear on the right where profile of that person will be shown.

The new twitter is designed to be experienced with all the functionality one could expect. Supposedly, not many people will miss the old version of twitter. There's still no hard date when twitter will be shutting down the old design. But we're expecting this to happen anytime.

Will you miss the old design of twitter?