How to get indexed website in 20 minutes

I think this short and simple.
I was experimenting yesterday afternoon.

Google Search Index

  1. I went to / trends to see which keywords are hot right now.
  2. I found the concept Shauna Raisch. It is “volcanic hot (as hot as you can get)
  3. A search on Google and found 700 results, and 500 hundred real competitor.
  4. While theres now since 1000 results (see what I mean with volcanic hot Google?)
  5. So I clicked on the link Shauna Raisch. There are Google gave me the most popular news and blog post. So I copied
  6. the first one I saw. I passed on the blog world, copied, and in
  7. Or if you prefer to not go through my network of affiliated companies
  8. The title was Shauna Raisch images, and the label. He sent with the correct data.
  9. So, now that my article was finished, I copied the link to my article and submitted it to Digg and Mixx and published under the title of the story that my label (Photo Shauna Raisch).
  10. The last thing I did was go to Pingle tell Google that my article is finished. They came and sat down on the page of Google for the keyword: Shauna Raisch photo. And I’m also on the first page of Google for Shauna Raisch (1700 competitors to date).

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