Payment Method Payoneer - Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer enables businesses and individuals to pay people in the world, efficiently and securely directly on a prepaid MasterCard card, avoiding the delays and loads more traditional methods such as bank transfers and checks, as explained in our test. This online payment solution works with online businesses that pay their members.
The payments come directly to your prepaid MasterCard card. The latter is used as a credit card and you can make withdrawals at ATMs in the world and pay for what you buy in store or online.
For people living in a country that does not accept PayPal or Moneybookers, Payoneer MasterCard is an ideal solution.
The only way to get a Payoneer card is membership in a partner’s site, such as oDesk, Elance, iStockPhoto, 2Checkout, GetAFreelancer, and many others.

The site was recently redesigned and is now more modern and most beautiful in the whole previously in our opinion. Site members can directly access their account by clicking “My Account” in upper right corner of the homepage and entering their login credentials. Once their account, members have access to the latest load of money they made, and a complete list of all transactions. They can also make a deposit of money on their card.
On the homepage, there is also a button “Load Money to Card” which allows any person to deposit money on a prepaid MasterCard card, with the number on the card, or e- mail of the person to whom it belongs.

DepositTransferWithdrawalOther costs
Fees3.5% by credit card, $ 5 and $ 2 the next time by bank transferFree$ 2.15 + up to 3% of the amountActivation: $ 9.95, maintaining the account: $ 3

Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit OptionsWaiting timeFees
Bank Transfer4-7 days$ 5 first, $ 2 the next time
Visa, Mastercard2 business days3.5% of the amount transferred

Methods available to deposit funds:
Bank Transfer
Credit Card
Methods available to withdraw funds:
Prepaid MasterCard

Security & Privacy
Payoneer has partnered with First Bank of Delaware and MetaBank. Payoneer utilizes, and continually invested in the best security technology and adheres to regulations for customer privacy, authentication and identity verification.
This payment method is consistent with the KYC (Know Your Customer), BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), procedures (AML Anti-Money Laundering) and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control).

Deposits: Bank Transfer: $ 5 for the first transfer, $ 2 for the following transfers Credit Card: 3.5% of the amount transferred Withdrawals: Transfer to the prepaid card: $ 2 normal speed, $ 4 speed.

Other fees apply for the MasterCard Prepaid:
Card Activation: $ 9.95
Card replacement: $ 9.95
Monthly Account Maintenance: $ 3

Counter collection USA: $ 1.35
Counter collection International: $ 2.15 + up to 3% of the amount withdrawn
Withdrawal at the counter refused: $ 0.90

Support can be contacted by email and phone. The answers are quick and very well explained.

Customer Service:
Questions about card orders, order status, customer service:
USA: 1-800-251-2521 x2 (9:00-6:00 pm Sunday-Friday)
International: 1-847-461-1386 x2 (9:00-6:00 pm Sunday Friday)

Lost or stolen card:
USA: 1- (646) 224-6993 (5:00 am-5: 00pm EST Sunday-Friday)
International: 1- (646) 224-6993 (5:00 am-5: 00pm EST Sunday-Friday)

Postal Address:
Payoneer Inc.
410 Park Avenue – 15th Floor
New York, NY, 10022


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