11 Tips to Increase Website Ranking, Traffic and Conversions

11 Tips to Promote Your Website and Get more Sales

  1. Make sure your primary keywords are found in page titles, headers, first in content etc. Research which keywords convert best and are easiest to get top ranking positions in search engines.
  2. Keep your website design and navigation simple. Create HTML sitemaps for navigation and XML sitemaps for having search engines crawl and index your website faster.
  3. Submit your important pages to popular search engines, website directories, social bookmarks etc. You can hire someone of use semi-automatic tools. Avoid using automated submission for important search engines, directories etc.
  4. Used a varied set of website promotion strategies to rank. Just like reciprocal and paid links have been devalued, so may any current search engine optimization strategy. Optimize your pages, link build and keep up to date on search engine algorithms.
  5. Monitor your competitors and try to find out how they are ranking higher than you. Incoming links? Redirects from other domains? Better optimized pages? Find out and start ranking higher!
  6. Use logs and analytics software to understand where traffic comes from. Analyze your visitor location, if they come from searches or links, which keywords convert to sales etc.
  7. Write and submit articles for your website or online magazines. This will help you get perceived as an authority in your field of work.
  8. When selling products online, keep everything as simple as possible. No unnecessary sign-up fields or choices. Make the purchase process simple and fast.
  9. Consider hiring professionals. It may seem costly, but less expensive than burning your money on a website that has no visits or conversions
  10. Always optimize your website. Split test your landing pages. Entice people to link. Offer newsletters, free reports etc. Your website is a sales tool that is always changing.
  11. Make sure all page META descriptions are unique and enticing. Search engine often show these in search results. Just like click-through-rate matters in pay-per-click ads, same goes for organic search. Even if you can not improve your position, you may still be able to improve the number of people clicking your listing.