Freelance Job Sources Elance

Elance businesses looking to staff-up a team on an hourly or project basis, Elance offers instant access to qualified professionals who work online. Elance provides the tools to hire, view work as it progresses and pay for results. Elance is faster and more cost-effective than job boards, staffing firms and traditional outsourcing.

What does Elance offer?

A talent pool of over 100,000 freelance contractors, some of whom are the best in the world at what they do
Enables providers to create profiles which showcase their talents
Various plans, including a free membership
Easy access to thousands of jobs, no more sifting through the classifieds
Job opportunities for various skill sets including programmers and writers
If you successfully complete a contract you will not be messed around. Elance ensures that all contractors and employers are treated fairly
Posting or applying for a job is quick and easy
You can link it to your bank account and transfer money as you see fit
Elance allows companies and providers to communicate quickly and effectively
Elance Pros

An incredible amount of choice for employers and providers
The ability to choose between paying for a membership or taking a free one with slightly less privileges
Guaranteed payment once an assignment is completed
Having a good profile entices clients to you
The jobs pay pretty well

Again, like any outsourcing, using eLance is very hit-and-miss.  Like most services, you can pre-interview candidates before you select them, but initial insight is limiting (compared to something like Odesk).  You do get past ratings and lifetime earnings.

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