Google Search Results for a Keyword Up to the Minute!!!

First, you must have an account, is of course free of charge. This can be used for many different things, not only do I present it here.

Second, you can have a query into Google, it is often a word or a phrase or name last year was trying, week, day, hour, second, according to the schedule that you want to search. I have such a search in Google Docs and updated with a link that is of the year, week, day, hour, second, but with a keyword.

I can configure as many of the pages you want and find what you want and everything you need to do is change the search term in each of the five links on each search results page and simply click on the link on the page. This way I can see how many searches were performed during each period. You may also want to search for a long time.

Google Search Results
is all you need to do, go and you can copy my template and paste it into your Google Docs page, change the search term you want and click away to start.

You can then copy your own page and paste it into a new document. So you can look for me can be seen all day, how many people click on your web page or site. I’m sure you can also have a page for the pages of CL as well.

I have not tried. There are many uses for them and your imagination is the limit for the number of different concepts and want to do is correct, a day or a week or a time frame you want to search for that expression.

Another trick is that you can configure Open Office so that work with Google Docs. You can then reload the page Google Docs, a search and replace to change jobs, and again on Google Docs and everything is ready to be raised to go to quickly and easily.

Another trick to use with Google Docs to your items in Open Office or Google Docs, then upload write on SlideShare. The reason for this is that Google does not permit gives the pages of documents on the network so it no chance to advertise in this way, but you can download from Slideshare and searches are very fast.

Write an article and put it into Google Docs and upload them to Slideshare, complete with contact details or whatever you want into it. It is an excellent tool for disseminating information about a topic you want to promote you.

A problem for the original article can be found to a steady stream of ideas for writing. I address this problem by various forums that deal with credit repair, recovery and prosecution against him.

The first is that I am an expert on so attractive. I answer people’s questions about their financial problems, then copy and paste for Google Docs and SlideShare.

I can an image file, my contact information and other data with each response to help people know how to contact me upload and gives me a lot of companies that way.