How To Find DoFollow Blogs

I think many people know of a nofollow tag, which was developed by Google to reduce spam, how to write some nonsense just to get a little link back this page. So even with these people in general who are willing to comment even think your comments are published. The reason is simple, many people do not know they have been building links to their blogs, post comments. But really, considering that he came to the conclusion that it makes no sense and therefore, if you have a question that has no comments.

Thus by this interaction between bloggers and traffic has been declining in the blogs have taken off. But really, you know, is Google’s search engine is not willing to spider the links, if “nofollow” tag is present. However, Yahoo, MSN, etc. …..” note that as a link. Therefore, even if you find a nofollow blog comments only (no spam), so you have a link on Yahoo and other search engines get other engines google.

But how do you know Google’s traffic more than 70% of all search engine traffic includes others, it is necessary to find DoFollow blogs to facilitate access.

Therefore, “How do you find blogs DoFollow?” Now the question

There are many ways DoFollow (the comment below) to find blogs. Wasy difficult easy ways

(1) Search Engine: -
With the search you can find the blogs. Generally, those who use their blogs, which becomes generally called nofollow, since their “dofollow” done. In general, this will be indexed by search engines. So now using keywords or keyword DoFollow + + + nofollow keyword or not the discussion that follows, you can find them. However, this method is a very tidious and time consuming.

(2) With DoFollow blogs with lists: -
Outside there are many blogs that maintaing a list of blogs that fall into this category. And often are used to update the list. Now this way you can on the lists. So with this list, visit the blogs. These lists are used to very famous until they found a new way to explain the following me.

(3) with the search engine separately: -
At this time, many search engines have been developed to find nofollow blogs. Usually people with dofollow blogs to inform these search engines in removing the nofollow tag. Then add your blog on your search engine. But now, as a people rule engine with Google Custom Search, so that the same algorithm. I use and search links.

(4) Software: -
Recently developed software for blogs without “nofollow” to find a day. This is the easiest, but usually you have to buy. Therefore, I prefer the third method. However, when ready, you are buying your desire.

So ultimately what I mean, said the best way to develop links with bloggers. So people try commenting on other blogs. And finally, just remember that I “nofollow” tag removed and I have “dofollow” online revolution.